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"I would highly recommend Dr. Holifield to anyone who needs eye care. I am totally pleased all with services provided to both me and my daughter! Thank you!"

-Karen D.


"It was one year ago that I went to see Michael Holifield, O.D. for the very first time. I was suffering from vision loss in my left eye and headaches. He suspected a pituitary tumor and insisted that I see a neurologist. He made some calls and shortly I found myself in the neurologists office. Next came the MRI and visit with the surgeon. I was on the fast track.

I will take a moment to say that the pituitary gland is the 'master gland.' It tells the rest of the body when to produce other hormones. It should be the size of a pea. Mine was the size of a chicken egg (6 cm). It was pressing on the optic nerves for both eyes. The surgeon and his team spent sixteen hours, carefully scraping away at the tumor in an attempt to minimize pressure on the optic nerve, without damaging it.

So here I sit, one year later. Vision in my left eye is poor, but my right eye was saved. I am happy about that.

I want to extend my sincere gratitude to the outstanding effort that Michael Holifield expended on this 'first time' patient. His phone calls to several neurologists got me on the fast track. I will always be grateful. Thank you!"

-David Bovard


"Dr. Holifield is a patient and knowledgeable doctor who successfully transitioned my 8 year old son from glasses to contacts. It has made a world of a difference with sports for the past 3 years. Such an educated and professional doctor in his field. I would not go anywhere else for your eye needs!!!" 

-Lori C.



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